Parthenis hotels

Malia | Crete | Greece

Parthenis hotels and villas welcome you to Malia, Crete. Enjoy your holidays on the beach, in the heart of the village or on the mountain, outside of Malia. Our group consists of three hotel complexes. Parthenis Beach Suites By The Sea, Parthenis Hotel & Suites, Drossia Lounge Studios. Two villas, Kostis Parthenis Residence and Icons Sea of Crete.  Live your dream vacation, in nature and green lanscape, on the cretan mountains, in Icons Sea of Crete Villa. On the sandy beach of Malia, right by the sea, in Parthenis Beach Suites by The Sea. For quiet holidays outside the village you can choose Parthenis Hotel & Suites and for the lively center of Malia you can choose Kostis Parthenis Residence or Drossia Lounge Studios. Parthenis Hotels, the perfect choice for your summer holidays in Crete.
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